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Soft Strip

Soft stripping of materials and services, prior to demolition or refurbishment.

We regularly undertake projects involving the soft stripping of materials and services, in most cases prior to demolition, but also where the building is to be refurbished. This work encompasses the removal of internal finishes, M&E services and non-load bearing elements of the structure. We also provide removal and disposal of redundant plant. Our clients can benefit from early access for design and reduced outgoings as buildings can be derated where required.

Soft strip

Site Clearance

In line with today's fast tract construction programmes the site clearance process is an integral part of the construction industry. Site clearance paves the way for the main contractor to hit the ground running.

Our site clearance services take care of all aspects the site may require these includes, waste disposal, perimeter security, plant machinery removal and some demolition works.

Site Clearance


Demand for our traditional demolition capabilities has grown substantially over the past years. Mainly caused by the substantial growth in the construction industry and the regeneration of housing estates and local authority planners desire to develop brown field sites over green field developments.



There is a difference between dismantling and demolition. Dismantling is usually achieved by a careful reversal of a building or construction process. This is the removal and salvage of required elements of the building to release the value of the recovered asset.

More often than not a combination of dismantling and demolition can be the most effective way of removing an existing structure.


Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is everywhere! Many everyday building materials in older buildings contain it and you would not know.

There are two distinct categories of asbestos removal.

Non licensed asbestos removal can be carried out by our own in house workforce and disposed of at licensed tips. We are also licensed registered waste carriers.

Licensed works requiring a 14 day notice submittal to the HSE are carried out through our preferred partner sub contractors.

We are able to provide a comprehensive asbestos removal service for materials that are deemed to be unsafe as a result of investigative type 3 survey.

All licensed asbestos removal is carried out in strict adherence to all the current HSE legislation and codes of practice.

All of our operatives are specially trained in these techniques and are equipped with the required breathing equipment decontamination apparatus.

On completion of the removal, air tests are carried out by an independent analyst to ensure the area is clean in accordance with the required regulations and is safe to re-enter.

In the event of the asbestos being described as a low level hazard we are able to encapsulate or leave in location as required.

Asbestos not only has to be removed safely, it is also to be disposed of in an approved manner and place, our preferred partner sub contractors are licensed asbestos disposal contractors.

Asbestos Removal
Asbestos removal

Concrete Crushing & Screening and Recycling

Identify the recycling potential of demolition materials, crushing of materials to reuse as secondary aggregates, minimizing landfill liability, reducing costs and carbon footprint.

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